Products and Services

WG Products has the capability to blend, fill and assemble any type of fragrance as well as a variety of health and beauty products.


  • In-house Mixing and Blending of fragrances, creams, lotions and other beauty products according to your specifications
  • Filling of any bottle, jar, tube, vial or any container you require; we can retrofit our equipment to adapt to unique vessels and containers
  • Full service Assembly and Packaging capability
    • Various in-line capabilities for cellophane wrapping, gluing, sealing
    • Gift assembly & set box production
    • Safety seals and blister packs
  • Design and Engineering
    • Design of packaging to best suit the product requirements
    • Ability to re-engineer our machinery in order to accommodate your custom order
  • Stability Testing to ensure that your product, its vessel, and packaging are quickly assembled and shipped “sales ready”
  • Rigorous Quality Controls that ensure reject rates remain low, below the industry average
  • Materials Management coordinating the receipt of all pieces to efficiently schedule and fulfill your order
  • FDA Registered and ATF Licensed
  • Quick turnaround guarantees your product will be ready when you need it


WG Products is the last step before your retail customer, and we take that responsibility very seriously.


  • High quality
  • Quick turnaround
  • Customization
  • Low reject rate
  • Experience
  • Competitive prices