Your Source for Fragrance and Beauty Product Fulfillment

When you are looking for high quality, efficient fragrance or beauty product blending, filling and assembly, look to WG Products. Whether you require sprays, creams, lotions, tubes, bottles, vials or roll-ons, WG Products can handle your unique requirements with low reject rates. We provide quick turnaround to get your product to market when you need it, all at a very competitive price.


Founded in 1968, WG Products offers a wide range of blending, filling and assembly services for fragrances, personal care products and cosmetics. Its longevity and success is attributable to its ability to adapt to trends and modify machinery to accommodate your custom requirements. Furthermore, WG Products maintains a high level of quality and low reject rate, while maximizing the speed of fulfillment.


Our experience, quality control, customization and quick turnaround makes WG Products your best option for mixing, filling and assembling your fragrances and health and beauty products.


  • High quality
  • Quick turnaround
  • Customization
  • Low reject rate
  • Experience
  • Competitive prices